Sustainability has been part of our ethos since our very beginning in 2004 but in recent years it has been a global growing focus point, with people changing consumption habits to help benefit the environment and hopefully take better care of the future world our children will inherit from us. As citizens, parents, consumers and as a business, we are now looking at the products we use with more scrutiny, and prioritising what is healthy for our families and healthy for the world thanks to our commitments:

We are committed to preserve and perpetuate the noble work of textile traditions in Spain.

We are committed to our close relationshipswith our exceptionally talented artisans and seamstresses and to encourage best practices.

We are committed to European production and European sourcing. Our carbon footprint remains low as we don’t ship our collections by plane. We promote slow but high quality fashion with low stock and absolutely no waste. We aim for a minimal plastic fabrication process. We have always been upcycling by reusing fabrics. We don’t waste our leftovers and give them to the charities we support.

We are committed to children’s well-being: we want them to love the clothes we make for them, to cherish their favourite outfits and to live a fully joyful and innocent childhood. We design our clothes with lively mischievous and happy children in mind.

We are committed to Our Planet: Our certified fabrics come from environmentally responsible farming, where no dangerous pesticides are used. In addition, less water and energy are consumed, organic cotton for example consumes 50% less water than regular cotton and less than 94 percent of greenhouse gases are emitted

We are committed to Our Children's Skin: Our certified fabrics are composed of 100% natural fibers and at least 30 percent of organic textile fibers, fundamental to respect the health of our children's skin as no harmful chemicals are used. Zero harmful substances in our clothes.

Ethically made
Made of natural fibers
GOTS Certified - Global Organic Textile Standard
OEKO-TEX Certified - Tested for harmful substances
Made with natural dyes
Free of antimicrobial chemicals
Free of BPA and BPS - chemicals found in plastic
Free of formaldehyde or at least CARB 2 compliant
Free of PVC
Free of lead and other heavy metals
Free of phthalates

We are committed to a Circular economy:As the fabrics we use are 100% natural (100% cotton, linen, or wool), they are not only easier to recycle but also biodegradable.
Thanks to the timeless style of our clothes and their high quality, every Amaia piece can be inherited. Plus, did you know that if you kept your clothes for one or two years, you would reduce your CO² emissions by 24% and promotes responsible consumption?
And what to do with our end of season left overs? We have managed to put in place a circular economy cycle in partnership with Family affaire in order to give a second live to part of our unsold items that will be sold at very discounted prices. Every year, we also donate end of season pieces  to various children charities like Anak-Tnk Foundation, and Fara Charity, so there is 0 waste.


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