“I feel a responsibility to keep small traditional family owned workshops alive”: says our founder Amaia Arrieta. We have been working with most of our family workshops since the beginning of our journey in 2004 and have developed strong and friendly relationships. In our global world, more than ever before, we need to cherish and promote our local and unique talent and give everyone the means to make a proper living out of their passion and talent.

We are fortunate to work with a fabulous team of dedicated and talented artisans, most of whom have inherited their savoir-faire from their parents and grandparents. A talent which we value, treasure and strive to protect as part of our cultural heritage.

We are also very proud to help our ateliers stay open and be profitable. For example, the family atelier which produce our signature coats used to be opened only 4 months per year,  now they have enough work to stay open all year round! 

Our ateliers’ search for excellence comes with delicate finishes and attention to details such as invisible hand finished hems, fully lined dresses and bloomers, meticulously chosen natural mother of pearl buttons or creative hand smocks. Our embroiderers create the most amazing artwork on our dresses as they design a completely new pattern on every different fabric we send their way. Of course, all in perfectly matching colours! Look at our hand smocked dresses and you will see how they are all different and how the perfect marriage between the embroidery and the fabric brings the dress alive. These brave and talented women are often the only family bread winners and have no other studies, so we are truly committed to keep them doing what they do best, creating beautiful timeless dresses our little ones will be wearing and we will cherish for years to come. Tradition, excellence, love and transmission are crucial to our work and we believe this is how we can make the best clothes for our children.


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